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Meet upliance. Your personalised, all-in-one AI cooking assistant with 500+ recipes.

How it works

1. Select recipe

Choose from over 500 recipes that you cook for anywhere between one to four people

2. Follow step-by-step instructions

upliance shows you each step on the touchscreen so you can cook even if it’s your first time.

3. Let upliance work its magic

upliance uses sixteen different modes from chopping to stirring and heating to automate your cooking.

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Multiple modes, effortless cooking.

500+ recipes, all automated.

Everything you need in one upliance.


The power of AI for smarter cooking

Convenience at every step


No more stress in the kitchen

Bring home the upliance and simplify your cooking for a simpler life.

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Workday variety

Great for cooking a dish on a working day. I don't have to worry about standing and stirring, and think about whether the recipe is cooking correctly or I have added enough spices/salt etc. Lot of recipes available. Wish cleaning was easier, and I could cook multiple dishes

Life Changing Product

I started using this product in March, and I went from someone who had no idea how to cook to hosting dinner parties every weekend. The variety of food available to cook is insane, and there are more than 250 recipes so you are never running out of ideas. They also add 4-5 new recipes every week and are on point about the food trends. Best thing to gift yourself or your partner/parents because it is an exceptionally well-made product. The support system is also great!

DelishUp is the greatest Chef

delishup can mak a number of recipes. and most of the recipes are so simple. and all of the recipes are delicious. buy one today if you don't know or don't want to make great food but want to eat everyday. It has made my life easier.

It's toooo good

The way that it customizes the recipes based on personal preference is too good 🥹🥹

God sent upliance in my life!

I never thought cooking could be this easy and enjoyable! Thanks to delishUp, I can now cook guided recipes from around the world without any cooking skills. It has truly changed my life – no more standing in front of the gas stove, stirring, or sautéing. The self-clean rinse mode is a game-changer – every kitchen appliance should have this feature! I recently made Pav Bhaji from scratch for the first time, and it tasted divine! With delishUp, I have more time to do things I love, and I couldn't be happier with this smart cooking assistant.

Excellent product and good receipes

Recommend this product

Failed on the very first time

My machine with the failed on the very first time
It was just Restarting all the time

Customer service and website

Nothing to do with item as such, but I'm giving this score purely based on interaction with customer service support via whatsapp also the website as too and again based on what shark tank said there is no ai functionality on there as it's says on the website & in the show.

Website shows all the functionality of ai but in shark tank you do e manually.

Changed our experience with food and cooking!

I personally have been using the Upliance Delishup for 6 months. It is an absolutely stunning product.

1 - It automates the following: chopping, mixing and stirring.
2- My time spent in the kitchen goes down. The machine stirs my slow-cooking dal makhani for an hour without any worries of burning, while I go take a nap. :)
3- The chopping and mincing of onions, garlic and other vegetables has been spot on for every dish I made. Finely chopped for Chinese food, minced ginger/garlic for gravies.
4- Opened a world of new recipes from across the world. Recipes available for dishes hard to find in restaurants as well!
5- Region specific recipes - 4 types of pav bhaji, 2 types of sambhar etc.
6- Except on one occasion, every dish I have made rates upwards of 8/10 on taste.
7- Most importantly, helps answer the biggest question of the day "aaj kya banana hai" . Reduces my cognitive load.

Your kitchen assistant

One of the best buys. Suitable for beginners and pros alike. Walks you thru a recipe with exact measurements of ingredients and takes out the guesswork out of cooking. Also the support team is available 24x7. Someone is always there to help you. New recipes are added every week and old ones are tweaked regularly if there is a problem with them. A must have in every Indian kitchen.

Exceptional tech

Really love the process and variety of dishes . Best use of tech .

Poor service and support

Its exciting to use something called with AI but it's smart cooking not fully AI its 10% AI i can say.. Let's talk good thing about devices ..if you are looking for partial automated and good taste ..if you are someone who wfh or wanna do cooking and something parellele its best device ..lot more to explore. Negitive is tab quality is very poor which is main issue where i avoid using device as whole device controls with tab and one gets irritated when it has poor quality in touch. AI based customer support doesn't understand anything..too much to improve in support they always mention we will call but they never. Cleaning is not as easy as it shows in video. Let's talk abt recipes recipes from chefgpt needs lot of learning. Cost is cheap but same with quality of tab better quality of tab will improve also should be able to operate from phone as if you can't afford good tab let us use our ipad or Android tabs. How it can be made more AI based suggestions based in issue i faced.

# detect non running blade when it has to run..
# detect sound of blade

Suggestions for more feature
#identify ingredients via live cam which can help user not making any mistakes
Will keep adding as I face the issues

Masterchef in ur kitchen

One of the best purchases . I have worked over a fortnight and made a new dish everyday . It’s easy peasy, tasty khana, I also started intuitively using manual mode . It’s a must buy . Buying another one for parents but guess ‘stocked out’ so will wait !!! Scale up people .. kudos to “made in India’

A cooking assistant who doesn't has a holiday

Effortless cooking with new recipes

Does what it claims!

I was a little sceptic about the product. But it really does what it claims. One main drawback is that the touchscreen tablet is slow.

A Master Chef for your home!!!

Initially, my wife had some reservations about this product, which I purchased after extensively researching videos and reviews online. She even suggested selling it on OLX. However, her perception changed when I prepared a delightful red sauce pasta for breakfast using it. That's when she truly appreciated its capabilities and fell in love with it. She now believes there's no need to spend our health and money in restaurants when we have a masterchef right in our own kitchen. It's so user-friendly that even a beginner can start using it from day one.

I also want to express my gratitude to the Upliance team for their thoughtful packaging. The outer packaging they provided is not only robust but also reusable, ensuring that the device remains undamaged. Although the Amazon packaging was minimal upon receipt, Upliance's well-designed packaging ensured the safety of the device.

In conclusion, we are absolutely enamored with this machine, and it has become the envy of our neighbors. Thank you, Upliance, for providing us with this exceptional device, and best wishes for your future endeavors.

upliance: AI Cooking Assistant
Mallika ravindranathan
DELISH UP, necessary to every kitchen, occupying less space that is most important.

Quality after using for a while I will share.

Chef ai at your service

I recently bought the delishup artificial intelligence driven product for my daily cooking and I must say I am very impressed. It is really helpful to follow the step by step procedure with the help of the great synergy between the cooking, weighing and the actual recipe which I am supposed to cook. It is like having an assisted robot in terms of cooking. All the tested recipes are provided by delishup and they are amazing and tasty. Along with this, I also have some funny moments where there is a friendly rivalry between my mom, who is a great chef, and delishup, who claims to make better food. Whenever I am not able to execute as per the plan of delishup, I take help of my mom and we both enjoy the process. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves cooking and wants to try new dishes with ease and convenience.

Best purchase

This product has been a game-changer for me! It completely eliminated my worries about cooking and made my life so much simpler. The feature that allows me to filter recipes based on the ingredients in my fridge is fantastic, solving the "what to cook today" problem effortlessly. I was so thrilled with its performance that I decided to gift it to my mother, and she's equally delighted. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient and efficient solution in the kitchen!

Cooking made easy

Cooking is made easier with easy steps to follow and it takes the trouble of thinking what ingredient to add and how much to add in it. For a novice like me the fact that I can cook multiple delicious recipes to cook recipes.

Who needs this product?

In my experiance, If you are living on your own and want to eat delicious home cooked meals withouto hassle or thinking much, here you go. I love the fact that I just need to come home put a bunch of ingredient, while watching something on the side, still keep watching it and after 20 mins, voila, i get a wonderful dish, of my choice, with a little difficulty, on my plate. *Chefs kiss*

P.S. : but four stars for the limited dishes it can cook. And difficulties i face in scooping stuff out and cleaning.

Life changing appliance

Ever since I moved out of my house, cooking daily was a pain, most of the times I would eat out or order. I found about of this product and booked a trial out of complete disbelief. But right after my first cooking, I immediately purchased it because now it gave me the power to cook whatever I want without any guidance from my mom and youtube. It does most of the kitchen chores and gets me delicious dish every time.

best product ever

bro i can ccok now!! finally i won't have to survive on stupid maggi...

Game Changer

Something which has made in fall in love with the entire cooking process again. Enjoying every bit of cooking and having the delicious food, saaviour of night cravings. Blessing in disguise to impress relatives and sudden guest