AI Cooking Assistant

Meet upliance. Your personalised, all-in-one AI cooking assistant with 500+ recipes.

How it works

1. Select recipe

Choose from over 500 recipes that you cook for anywhere between one to four people

2. Follow step-by-step instructions

upliance shows you each step on the touchscreen so you can cook even if it’s your first time.

3. Let upliance work its magic

upliance uses sixteen different modes from chopping to stirring and heating to automate your cooking.

What our users are saying


Watch upliance in action

Multiple modes, effortless cooking.

500+ recipes, all automated.

Everything you need in one upliance.


The power of AI for smarter cooking

Convenience at every step


No more stress in the kitchen

Bring home the upliance and simplify your cooking for a simpler life.

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Based on 55 reviews
Best value add to your kitchen

Upliance has been a great addition to our lives since last 10 months. Earlier our house cooking was limited to the cuisine which we grew up in with less variety. Now we make soup, pastas, North Indian paneer curries, kerala avial etc. Most of the times, dishes are of restaurant quality, sometimes even better. Now I don't order pastas outside because I know I make better at 1/5 the price.
You can create receipes from AI as well, but i don't use it the functionality that much since i am cooking newbie. There are 500+ recipes currently, it will take some time to venture that area

Bad service and Product Quality of Order no, UP2152

The after sales support from their customer care is pathetic and no response even after sending a mail daily. Even there whats app nos. is not useful. Bad product Quality

Sincere Apologies for the delay. We have replied to the previous review as well. Due to an internal error our team had reached out to another customer with similar credentials. Our team will reach out to you directly within some time. And we assure you, your issue will be resolved.

Squash curry- tastes amazingly delicious

I made for the first time this curry using the DelishUp. The procedure is straightforward and easy. Instructions and the videos are clear and helpful. I will definitely make more curries using this appliance. I highly recommend this. For every household specifically if you are a bachelor.

A Kitchen Revolution with Upliance.AI!

I've been using the Upliance.AI for a few weeks now, and it's absolutely transformed my kitchen experience. This smart device not only automates cooking processes but also introduces new recipes weekly, making it an ever-evolving helper.

Whether you're a busy professional needing quick meals or a cooking enthusiast looking to experiment, Upliance.AI is a versatile and essential kitchen tool. Easy to use and incredibly efficient, it’s worth every penny for the convenience and culinary creativity it offers.

I am using upliance for more than a year and am very happy & cooking has become very simple.

I am using upliance for more than one year and am very happy with it.

The best appliance that you can get!

While every single one of us loves a good meal, not all of us are blessed to have the requisite skills to conjure up that meal.

Most of us have discovered that the biggest online scam are those YouTube videos where the host whips out delicious meals, but attempts to replicate it at home are nothing but tales of tragedy.

I got my delishUp somewhere in August 2023, and my life changed completely. Great food - healthier than anything a restaurant could offer became a part of my life. Traditional cuisine and exotic recipes from across the globe are now part of my new healthier life. Multitasking while cooking a meal is stress free.

The food is wonderful, the appliance itself is state-of-art and designed keeping in mind an Indian kitchen. But what adds icing to the cake is the after sales service. You have a doubt/issue, just tap the 'call me' button on the screen, and someone gets in touch with you within minutes to help you out. If you have any recipe that you wished for, they would even try to create it for you.

Friends and family have been impressed with the food served at my home....and that is the best compliment one can give for the machine, and the founders who came up with this innovation.

Workday variety

Great for cooking a dish on a working day. I don't have to worry about standing and stirring, and think about whether the recipe is cooking correctly or I have added enough spices/salt etc. Lot of recipes available. Wish cleaning was easier, and I could cook multiple dishes

DelishUp is the greatest Chef

delishup can mak a number of recipes. and most of the recipes are so simple. and all of the recipes are delicious. buy one today if you don't know or don't want to make great food but want to eat everyday. It has made my life easier.

Life Changing Product

I started using this product in March, and I went from someone who had no idea how to cook to hosting dinner parties every weekend. The variety of food available to cook is insane, and there are more than 250 recipes so you are never running out of ideas. They also add 4-5 new recipes every week and are on point about the food trends. Best thing to gift yourself or your partner/parents because it is an exceptionally well-made product. The support system is also great!

It's toooo good

The way that it customizes the recipes based on personal preference is too good 🥹🥹

God sent upliance in my life!

I never thought cooking could be this easy and enjoyable! Thanks to delishUp, I can now cook guided recipes from around the world without any cooking skills. It has truly changed my life – no more standing in front of the gas stove, stirring, or sautéing. The self-clean rinse mode is a game-changer – every kitchen appliance should have this feature! I recently made Pav Bhaji from scratch for the first time, and it tasted divine! With delishUp, I have more time to do things I love, and I couldn't be happier with this smart cooking assistant.

Bad performance of the device

I bought the device @24,000 after watching their video on you tube and thought that it will be useful . However after using it for a day, came to understand that the taste and the mixing of all ingradients are not as expected. Under the return policy within 7 days, sending mail on their customer care and calling on the phone no. provided on website, not getting any response from them. Seems this is fraud company.

Sincere Apologies for the delay. Due to an internal error our team had reached out to another customer with similar credentials. Our team will reach out directly within some time. And We assure you, your issue will be resolved.

Highly recommended.

Delishup is an amazing concept and I hope Upliance.ai creates more gadgets for the kitchen and home, that can be used to make our life more convenient.

I created Palak Paneer as the first recipe. Took its time. Even modified it with my own ingredients and it came out splendidly.

A person who cooks every day will save a lot of time, hassle, and sweat using this product. While it was auto-cooking, I was busy cooking parathas in my dosa maker. Saves a lot of hard work.

Once you get a hang of it, you will be dishing out new recipes every day for your family and friends.

There are more than 500 recipes and you can use the AI to create your own (from scratch) recipes.

Update: I am using it every day now, modifying it on the go according to my taste and having restaurant-style food at home. Give this gadget some time and you can churn out any dish once you understand how cooking science works.

Overall experience good but need improvement

There must be two to three vessel.. one for juices chai etc one for sabzii. And one as spare. Everytime you have to wash one vessel to make new recipe.
There should check mark in process.
Must be able to make regular sabzii

Need more improvements.

Great product

Initially I was apprehensive about using it , but since it was a gift to us from our son and daughter in law , I decided to give it a try. I was using once once or twice but after the 30 day challenge , though the challenge is complete I continue to use it everyday. Lot of recipes and tasty food and good customer service. Also for most of the dishes the quantity cooked for the number of people mentioned is perfect. So I don’t have leftovers for the next day .

Nothing is bad

Not bad but but own way is better for making food ,for developing new technology is too good

Beetroot Halwa a wonderful preparation with extraordinary taste.Delecious and tasty Murg masala.

Wonderful cooking appliance. Everyday enjoying the taste of delicious dishes. Cooking has become a boon for us. Using this appliance for the last two months. Both veg. & Non-veg preparation are fantastic and amazing.

Best buy!!

It’s an amazing life changing gadget . Must have for working women. Thankyou

My experience with Upliance

No more boring food... V true indeed..
We have tried out several dishes in the past few weeks. They have all turned out to be interesting and flavourful.
For those of you who are wondering if you should buy one, plz don't think twice. Go for it. No more chopping, standing and stirring - Besides, even your children can read instructions and make their own meals / assist you at it. A great way to bond with them. The array of recipes makes it easy for us to choose from.

Has made cooking very easy. I don't have to think about what to cook.

upliance: AI Cooking Assistant
Ravindra Radhakrishnan
Handy Kitchen Gadget

Have used this couple of times till now, dishes turned out well. Not yet found time to run the appliance through its full gamut

Amazing appliance..

couldn't be more satisfied

Promising product but needs improvement

The Upliance concept is exciting – it offers guided cooking, a built-in tablet, and the promise of AI-powered recipes. However, my experience left a lot to be desired.


Innovative idea: The ability to follow recipes on a built-in screen while cooking is appealing.
Engaging community: The WhatsApp group offers support and recipe ideas.


First disappointment - Recived the product after 1 weeks, my hype is reduced.

Second disappointment - I started to cook the Pineapple Pulusery dish. Bought all the ingredients and very exited. The first step it asked me to Grind coconut+pineapple 150 grams in our home mixer. I do no why this item is advertised as mixer, grinder, blabla etc.

Third disappointment - moved the next step and click on start thats all machine stopped working. Tried many restarts, retried after some break, tried with less ingredients etc not working

Fourth disappointment - there was a wonderful WhatsApp group chat where people discus and collaborate it's really good but they don't take any problem or negative content there. Immediately moderator deleting the messages. They are not transparent.

Customer care people connected many times and convinced me but I lost the hype and interest on this upliance ai

The Upliance demonstrates potential, but it's clear the product is still under development. While the price is discounted, it's important to be aware of possible performance issues. I look forward to trying the Upliance again once they've ironed out the kinks.

Best homemade meals

I cant believe how a machine is able to cook all 3 meals that to home made. Being a working mother of two boys ordering in had become a daily routine as Im not a good cook and don’t have time to go through recipes and waste time on all the instructions. On the other hand easy on the pocket when calculating the expenses of eating outside or paying a cook. I cant imagine if I would have made any of these dishes in my life.
Thank you Kajol for convincing me to buy this wonderful product, my husband says its the one and only useful appliance in our home.


I am very happy that I have purchased this upliance cooking assistant. No hassle cooking with great taste and ease, one can cook even wearing business suit. Thanks to Kajol Nautiyal for helping me promptly during my 1st day. You are amazing with follow up.