AI Cooking Assistant

Meet upliance. Your personalised, all-in-one AI cooking assistant with 500+ recipes.

Multiple modes, effortless cooking.

How it works

1. Select recipe

Choose from over 500 recipes that you cook for anywhere between one to four people

2. Follow step-by-step instructions

upliance shows you each step on the touchscreen so you can cook even if it’s your first time.

3. Let upliance work its magic

upliance uses sixteen different modes from chopping to stirring and heating to automate your cooking.

500+ recipes, all automated.


upliance: AI Cooking Assistant


1-year warranty


7 day easy return


No-cost EMI


7-years of critical software support


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upliance: AI Cooking Assistant

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Best value add to your kitchen

Upliance has been a great addition to our lives since last 10 months. Earlier our house cooking was limited to the cuisine which we grew up in with less variety. Now we make soup, pastas, North Indian paneer curries, kerala avial etc. Most of the times, dishes are of restaurant quality, sometimes even better. Now I don't order pastas outside because I know I make better at 1/5 the price.
You can create receipes from AI as well, but i don't use it the functionality that much since i am cooking newbie. There are 500+ recipes currently, it will take some time to venture that area

Dhvani Nareshsingh
Bad service and Product Quality of Order no, UP2152

The after sales support from their customer care is pathetic and no response even after sending a mail daily. Even there whats app nos. is not useful. Bad product Quality

Sincere Apologies for the delay. We have replied to the previous review as well. Due to an internal error our team had reached out to another customer with similar credentials. Our team will reach out to you directly within some time. And we assure you, your issue will be resolved.

Squash curry- tastes amazingly delicious

I made for the first time this curry using the DelishUp. The procedure is straightforward and easy. Instructions and the videos are clear and helpful. I will definitely make more curries using this appliance. I highly recommend this. For every household specifically if you are a bachelor.

A Kitchen Revolution with Upliance.AI!

I've been using the Upliance.AI for a few weeks now, and it's absolutely transformed my kitchen experience. This smart device not only automates cooking processes but also introduces new recipes weekly, making it an ever-evolving helper.

Whether you're a busy professional needing quick meals or a cooking enthusiast looking to experiment, Upliance.AI is a versatile and essential kitchen tool. Easy to use and incredibly efficient, it’s worth every penny for the convenience and culinary creativity it offers.

I am using upliance for more than a year and am very happy & cooking has become very simple.

I am using upliance for more than one year and am very happy with it.


How does the upliance work?

The upliance automates more than 16 cooking functions including Cooking, Chopping and Stirring and cooks complete meals in one Jar.  

The Smart Jar features a patented Omni Blade for versatile functions like chopping and mixing. The 8" touchscreen comes with in-built recipes with step-by-step instructions. The algorithms control the heat and blade speed, so you can cook a wide variety of recipes with ease.

A Wi-Fi connection is necessary is essential for the upliance’s smooth functioning, and the mobile app allows you to create new recipes and plan your groceries. 

What can you make using the upliance?

The upliance is an AI Cooking Assistant that offers a diverse range of recipes, effortless rice cooking, easy preparation of dough and dosa batter, and efficient vegetable chopping. Recipes include South Indian, North Indian, Asian, Smoothies, Mocktails, and more.

Does the upliance need WiFi & a power supply?

Yes, you will need a 5G Internet or a WiFi connection as well a power supply for the smooth functioning of the upliance.

Do we have to be there while it is cooking?

You don't have to be present throughout the cooking process. Follow the instructions to add ingredients inside the Smart Jar, press Start, and let the upliance handle the rest! Your manual interaction is only needed between steps, and the upliance will notify you with a sound when a step is completed.

What does the warranty period cover?

The upliance has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty that covers any defects.

You will receive 7 years of critical software updates and 3 years of new recipes & AI feature updates.