Introducing upliance Insider!

Crafted for you - our true supporters, upliance Insider is a celebration of you - our incredible community.

It's our way of thanking you for championing us, every step of the way.

Masterclasses with upliance’s food-scientists, more ways to earn upStore credits and much more, coming soon….

Insider benefits

How do I become an upliance Insider?

It's super easy! When someone uses your referral link to purchase an upliance, you'll automatically be enrolled in the upliance Insider Program.

How it works

  • Invite a Friend: Invite your friends to buy an upliance by sharing your referral link. They get upliance at special price of Rs. 22,999
  • Earn : Receive upCredits for every successful referral.
  1. 1st referral: 1500 upCredits
  2. 2nd referral: 1500 upCredits
  3. 3rd referral: 2000 upCredits
  4. 4th referral onwards: 1000 upCredits
  • Redeem upCredits: Spend your upCredits & buy anything you want from our exclusive upStore curated just for your needs
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How do I generate my referral link?

  • Open your upliance app
  • Go to your "Account"
  • Click on "Generate Referral Link"

How do I redeem my upCredits?

  • Open your upliance app
  • Go to the account section and click on "upCredits."
  • Browse the upStore and place your order
What is upCredits?

upStore credit is our unique reward currency. Earn upStore credits through referrals and use them to shop upliance accessories and other exciting products at the upStore.

Where can I see my upCredits?

You can view your upStore credits balance by clicking on the “Account” icon on bottom right of your mobile app. Click on view "upStore credits” section to check your balance.

How can I use my upCredits?

You can use your upstore credits to purchase upliance accessories and other exciting products at the upStore.

Is there a membership fee for the Insider Program?

No, there’s no fee for the Insider Program. You’re automatically enrolled, once a referral link shared by you is used to purchase the upliancce, and the account on the device has been active for more than 8 days.

What is the validity of my upCredits?

Your upstore credits are valid for a year from the date they were credited.

If somebody buys an upliance through my link and returns it, do I still get upCredits?

No, you will not receive upstore credits if the upliance is returned.

How many upCredits can I earn in a year?

You can earn upto a maximum 9999 upstore credits in a year.

Where can I see the terms & conditions for the upliance Insider Program?

You can access the Terms & Conditions here

How do I get upCredits for my past referrals?

If somebody has used your direct referral link to buy an upliance, you have a choice to convert your referral benefit into upStore Credits till 30th May, 2024.

Our Customer support team is reaching out to you through calls/Whatsapp messages. In case, you have not been able to get in touch with them, Whatsapp us at 8904962940