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ExclusiveLane 'Mughal Drum' Multi Utility Storage Ceramic Jars

  • 1349 upCredits

Multi Utility Storage Ceramic Jars for Kitchen Storage with Wooden Lid (Airtight, Set of 2, 570 ML) |Ceramic Jars And Container For Kitchen Storage Set Airtight Container

CELLO H2O Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle 

  • 623 upCredits

Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, this water bottle is built to withstand daily use while ensuring your water remains pure and free from contaminants. 

Dansr Japanese Ramen Bowls And Spoons Set

  • 1804 upCredits

These dippping bowls are made of porcelain, Lead-Free NON-TOXIC, safe for daily use. Microwave, oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Amazon Brand - Solimo 100% Cotton Padded Oven Gloves Paisley

  • 279 upCredits

Make cooking safe with 100% Cotton Padded Oven Gloves. Filled with 3.5 layers of cotton for good heat insulation & softness, 

The Indus Valley Super Smooth Cast Iron Cookware Set

  • 3899 upCredits

Made from 100% Natural cast iron cookware, this cast iron Tawa is a 100% Healthy cookware, food safe without chemicals, coatings or toxins

Femora Borosilicate Glass Mixing Bowl, 1650 ML, Pack of 1

  • 446 upCredits

Durable High quality borosilicate glass, chemicals, BPA and lead free, stain and odour free.

CALANDIS® Angled Nylon Coffee Espresso Machine Cleaning Brush 

  • 438 upCredits

This Handled Coffee Machine Cleaning Brush Used For Cleaning Group Head,Shower Plates,Group Gaskets Etc

FiABLE Premium Silicone Spatula Set of 4

  • 699 upCredits

FiABLE Hybrid Silicone spatula set of 4 has been thoughtfully designed to comprise of the most important spatulas in daily cooking

LiteFuze LT Series 2000 Watt Voltage Converter Transformer Step Up/Down

  • 9899 upCredits

Step Up/Down - 110v to 220v / 220v to 110v Power Converter - Fully Grounded Cord - Universal Socket, CE Certified [3-Years Warranty]

Nestasia Ceramic Bowl Set of 4

  • 750 upCredits

The side bowls can be used as snack bowls for serving chips or popcorn, as fruit bowls for serving fresh-cut fruits, or as breakfast bowls for serving cereals with milk.

Cover up⤴️: Extended Warranty

  • 1999 upCredits

Ensure stress-free cooking for another year with our extended warranty at Rs. 2,399. Extend your upliance’s cover for another year at just Rs. 2,399 (Applicable if bought within the first year of purchase)

Screen Protector

  • 250 upCredits

Safeguard your device's touchscreen with our Screen Protector accessory. Ensure long-lasting clarity and protection for your screen, preventing scratches and smudges.  Delivery will start from 1st July 2024

Urban Platter White Tahini Paste 500g

  • 595 upCredits

100% Sesame, Creamy and Smooth, Versatile Ingredient. Made from the finest, carefully selected sesame seeds, this premium tahini paste is a culinary masterpiece.

Anmara Artisanal Pasta & Pizza Sauce

  • 495 upCredits

Italian Marinara Sauce (Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil)- 314 ml
Made with Extra virgin olive oil, Fresh Tomato, Garlic, Herbs & Onion mix

Filippo Berio Classic Pesto, 6.7 oz ℮ 190 g

  • 390 upCredits

Made with freshly picked Ligurian Basil, crushed pine kernels, fine Grana Padano cheese and Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Homemade Love Idli Chutney Powder

  • 240 upCredits

South Indian style Molgapudi | Instant Gunpowder Chutney | Perfect for Idli, Dosa, Appam, Rice, Chapati, and Roti | No Added Onion and Garlic (150g)

Extra Jar

  • 7999 upCredits

Who says you can’t have seconds? With an Extra Jar, cooking just got twice as fun! If you're looking to optimize your meals on the upliance by cooking two or more recipes back to back, the second jar is your answer


  • 250 upCredits

The multipurpose Crown that sits on the lid of the upliance acts both as a cover to either trap steam in or let it out, it can also double up as a weighing or measuring cup. Delivery will start from 1st July 2024

Blade Cover

  • 400 upCredits

The blade cover helps you cover the sharp blade on the upliance while you’re cooking something soft and delicate (Like Paneer or Tofu) and can help you retain the shapes and edges, for example if you want the cubes whole.  Delivery will start from 1st July 2024

Lid Gasket

  • 200 upCredits

Enhance your cooking experience with our standalone Lid Gasket accessory. Crafted for precision, it ensures a tight seal, preserving flavors and preventing leaks.  Delivery will start from 1st July 2024

Blade Gasket

  • 250 upCredits

The Blade Gasket Accessory is a must-have for any kitchen. Made with high-quality materials, it ensures a tight seal to prevent leaks and spills. Its durable design guarantees long-lasting use, making it a reliable addition.  Delivery will start from 1st July 2024

Weighing Scale Slab

  • 400 upCredits

Comes with a magnetic base that sits on your upliance. We’ve made it removable, so it’s easy to clean and use daily.  Delivery will start from 1st July 2024


  • 200 upCredits

Don’t worry! this spatula we provide is not for you to stand and stir your food. upliance will do that work for you! The spatula is used to scrape the sides of the Jar after the chopping steps and makes it easier for you to empty the Jar.  Delivery will start from 1st July 2024

Measuring Spoons

  • 150 upCredits

Precision is key in the world of smart cooking, and our Measuring Spoons are here to ensure you get it just right.  Delivery will start from 1st July 2024

Amazon Gift Voucher 

  • 1500 upCredits

Get amazon e-voucher worth Rs. 500

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