About Us

Start your flavourful journey with upliance.ai, where our story began with a simple question: How do you cook for your family during a global pandemic? This sparked an idea to empower you to take control of your food choices and whip up restaurant-style meals in the comfort of your home.

Founded by Mahek Mody, ex-Ather Energy and Mohit Sharma, ex-Chaayos, upliance.ai thrives at the crossroads of smart, connected devices, and the art of everyday living.

Step into the upliance.ai universe, where we believe home cooking should be an extravaganza - convenient, enjoyable, nutritious, healthy and undoubtedly smarter! As the global pandemic reshaped our world, altering the way we live, cook, and eat, we set out to create a revolutionary solution that goes beyond the ordinary.

At upliance.ai, we envision bringing smart technology into every corner of your home. Brace yourself for the upcoming launch of an expansive product line, featuring smart refrigerators, microwaves, and more, all thoughtfully designed to enhance and simplify your daily lives. 

Our mission? To level up⤴️ your life, one delicious meal at a time. Join us as we blend the joys of technology with the art of cooking to make your culinary experience not just a necessity but a delightful adventure!