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Product Details
  • The capacity of the jar is 3L
  • Automated stirring
  • AI-controlled blades.
  • 1000 watts heating pads
  • Universal motor 500 watts
  • Total power consumption: 1500 watts
  • 300+ easy to follow recipes
  • Get creative with our ChatGPT recipe generator.
  • Smart Jar automates cutting, chopping, stirring and cooking

    How does the 4 day trial work?

    • At your convenience

      Plan your 4 day trial, even on weekends.

    • Doorstep delivery

      Enjoy the convenience of delishUp⤴️ at home!

    • Cook Good Food

      Try out a variety of recipes

    • Purchase and Enjoy

      Make delishUp⤴️ a permanent part of your kitchen.

    Know more about delishUp⤴️

    • Automated cooking

      Automate your cooking tasks like heating, chopping, stirring, sautéing and more, and free yourself from tedious kitchen work.

      Know how it works
    • Stop eating boring food

      With our vast selection of delicious dishes from around the world, your options are endless. We keep adding 4-5 new recipes every week!

      Check all recipes
    • AI Recipe generator (Beta)

      The power of AI has finally entered the kitchen, making intelligent cooking decisions on your behalf.

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    Anybody can cook with delishUp⤴️

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    Which Indian cities is delishUp⤴️ trial available?

    Currently, trial is available only in Bengaluru.

    How big is the delishUp⤴️?

    The delishUp⤴️ weighs about 6.9 kg. Exact dimensions are 47x36.5x52cm.
    It is smaller than a standard Microwave Oven.

    What can the delishUp⤴️ do?

    The delishUp⤴️ helps you in the kitchen to prep and cook. It also cleans itself afterwards.

    Prepping functions include: cut, chop, grind, knead, mince, weigh/measure and more.

    Its cooking functions include: sauté, steam, boil, mix, emulsify and more.

    The result is an innovative kitchen device that is your one-stop solution to stop eating boring food.

    What is the price of the delishUp⤴️ ?

    The price of the delishUp⤴️ starts at Rs. 17,999