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upliance : AI cooking assistant

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Key Features
  • 500+ guided recipes - Cook recipes from around the world with detailed instructions. 
  • Automated cooking - Follow the steps and add the ingredients; upliance takes care of the rest. 
  • ChefGPT - Swap out ingredients or create your own menu from scratch using ChefGPT. 
  • Automated chopping and stirring - upliance heats, chops and stirs your food for you.
  • AI-controlled blade - AI intelligently controls the blade to perform all sixteen functions.
  • 8” touchscreen - Control all the upliance’s features via the slick 8” touchscreen. 
  • Precise weighing scale - Measure every ingredient with the integrated weighing scale.
  • WiFi and mobile app - Seamlessly connect via WiFi, and explore and create recipes using the mobile app.
  • Rinse Mode - Hassle-free cleaning with the built-in Rinse Mode.
Product specifications
  • Smart Jar capacity - 2 litres. 
  • Power consumption: 1100W. 
  • Product weight - 6.9 kg. 
  • Product weight with box: 9.7 kg
  • Product dimensions: 41x26.7x30.2cm
  • Product dimensions with box - 47x41x37cm
  • IP54 rated touchscreen.
What's in the box

The upliance is shipped with the following items in the box -

  • upliance (dugh!)
  • Jar lid
  • Jar
  • Steamer Basket
  • Crown
  • Spatula
  • Butterfly Whisk
  • Blade
  • Blade Cover
  • Measuring Spoons 
  • Blade lock
Warranty, Return and Shipping
  • 1-year warranty valid across India. 
  • 7 years of critical software updates. 
  • 3 years of recipes and AI features. (₹149 /month after from 2027)
  • Free shipping across India.
  • 7 day easy return 
  • For GST: Add your GSTN number in note while placing order or email us after placing order.

Estimated delivery within 2 to 7 days

Now everyone can cook-do-cook
upliance : AI cooking assistant
Automated chop, sauté, stir, knead, steam, and cook - upliance AI cooking assistant. Now everyone can cook everything and now anyone can cook-do-cook.
upliance : AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant
AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant
upliance : AI cooking assistant

Buy with Extended Warranty & Extra Jar

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Everything You Need in One upliance


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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Definitely worth it

The preparation of Indian dishes is a challenge for me as a Tibetan. Since my husband is Indian, I have to cook Indian food, and I can't make it without online recipes.
It is unhealthy as well as unhygienic to order food from outside.
I hope this appliance will simplify my life in the kitchen. I will purchase an extra Upliance as a backup if I am satisfied with the results, since machines can fail at any time, and it is not a bad idea to have a backup... It is good to know that this is not manufactured in China. It is my personal preference not to purchase products made in China.
Compared to other brands, I believe the pricing is very reasonable.
As of now, I am extremely satisfied with this product. People who don't like cooking or hate cooking like me should go because it's worth it.

Worst Quality Product

I ordered the product on Amazon for 23000 INR and on the first use. I found out that the product is faulty. The motor of the product was not functional. I called the customer service and they told me now I have to ship back the product back to service center. It's horrible and costly experience this one . The motor not functioning which is the basic component in the machine calls for a big red flag.

Best value add to your kitchen

Upliance has been a great addition to our lives since last 10 months. Earlier our house cooking was limited to the cuisine which we grew up in with less variety. Now we make soup, pastas, North Indian paneer curries, kerala avial etc. Most of the times, dishes are of restaurant quality, sometimes even better. Now I don't order pastas outside because I know I make better at 1/5 the price.
You can create receipes from AI as well, but i don't use it the functionality that much since i am cooking newbie. There are 500+ recipes currently, it will take some time to venture that area

Dhvani Nareshsingh
Bad service and Product Quality of Order no, UP2152

The after sales support from their customer care is pathetic and no response even after sending a mail daily. Even there whats app nos. is not useful. Bad product Quality

Sincere Apologies for the delay. We have replied to the previous review as well. Due to an internal error our team had reached out to another customer with similar credentials. Our team will reach out to you directly within some time. And we assure you, your issue will be resolved.

Squash curry- tastes amazingly delicious

I made for the first time this curry using the DelishUp. The procedure is straightforward and easy. Instructions and the videos are clear and helpful. I will definitely make more curries using this appliance. I highly recommend this. For every household specifically if you are a bachelor.



How does the upliance work?

The upliance automates more than 16 cooking functions including Cooking, Chopping and Stirring and cooks complete meals in one Jar.  

The Smart Jar features a patented Omni Blade for versatile functions like chopping and mixing. The 8" touchscreen comes with in-built recipes with step-by-step instructions. The algorithms control the heat and blade speed, so you can cook a wide variety of recipes with ease.

A Wi-Fi connection is necessary is essential for the upliance’s smooth functioning, and the mobile app allows you to create new recipes and plan your groceries. 

What can you make using the upliance?

The upliance is an AI Cooking Assistant that offers a diverse range of recipes, effortless rice cooking, easy preparation of dough and dosa batter, and efficient vegetable chopping. Recipes include South Indian, North Indian, Asian, Smoothies, Mocktails, and more.

Will we have to chop the vegetables?

All you need to do is peel the skin off the vegetables and chop large vegetables into halves or quarters. The upliance takes care of the rest. It can chop, shell, grind, mince, and even chunky-cut ingredients based on pre-programmed AI instructions for each recipe.

What does the touchscreen do?

The Touchscreen comes pre-loaded with all our recipes for a guided cooking experience. You control the cooking on the upliance using the touchscreen while using all the ChefGPT features like generating new recipes and the Chatbot.

How many people can the upliance cook for? Will it be enough for a family of 4?

The upliance is designed to cook the perfect amount for a family of 4. You can also choose how many people you are cooking for on the recipe screen, and the upliance modifies the quantities of each ingredient accordingly.

What are the accessories that come along with the upliance?

The accessories include a silicone spatula, two sets of measuring spoons, a glass plate serving as a weighing scale, a blade cover, a butterfly whisk and a steamer basket.

What sensors does the upliance have? How does it cook?

We use multiple sensors to manage the cooking experience, including temperature sensors, and blade motion controllers. Our patented tech allows us to cook a variety of food in a single Jar and offer consistent taste every time.

Does the upliance need WiFi & a power supply?

Yes, you will need a 5G Internet or a WiFi connection as well a power supply for the smooth functioning of the upliance.

Do we have to be there while it is cooking?

You don't have to be present throughout the cooking process. Follow the instructions to add ingredients inside the Smart Jar, press Start, and let the upliance handle the rest! Your manual interaction is only needed between steps, and the upliance will notify you with a sound when a step is completed.

What happens when there is a power cut?

If there's a power cut, the upliance takes a break and picks up right where it left off once the power is back. No interruptions, just easy cooking.


How many recipes does it have?

The upliance currently has over 500+ preloaded recipes. New recipes are added every week and you can generate your own using ChefGPT or the 'Create' feature.

How many recipes do we add/update on the upliance?

We add several new recipes every week via over-the-air updates.

Pricing and discount

How much does the upliance cost?

You can buy upliance device at 27,999 INR after 31% discount at MRP of 39,999 INR

What is the maximum discount I can get? 

Existing owners of the upliance can offer you a ₹1000 discount through their referrals. You can join our community and ask any of them for it.

Click here to join & get discount

Shipping and delivery

Do you ship to X country?

We are only available in India and cannot offer service or warranty if the upliance is taken outside the country. If you do want to take your upliance abroad,hereis how one of our customers did it.

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver upliance across India. 

Warranty and service

What does the warranty period cover?

The upliance has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty that covers any defects.

You will receive 7 years of critical software updates and 3 years of new recipes & AI feature updates.

Can we take the upliance abroad?

We are only available in India and cannot offer service or warranty for upliances taken out of the country. If you do want to take your upliance abroad,hereis how one of our customers did it.

Where do I service my upliance?

We offer doorstep service in the following 10 cities - Bengaluru, Mumbai (Thane, Navi Mumbai), Pune (Pimpri Chinchwad), Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Surat, Chennai, Kolkata. Kochi & Mysore.

We will continue to add more service centres this year.

If your location is missing from the list, you will need to bring your upliance to one of our service centres.