Level up your creator career. Make content, share, and get paid for doing what you love!

How to become an upliance creator?

Get Paid For Your Content At Every Stage

Get Paid For Posting Reels

Upon approval of your uplance reel for posting, payment will be issued. Payment for each reel is done based on the engagement on previous Insta videos

Get Paid For Listing Your Recipe on upliance

Upon submitting your recipes along with video instructions, you will earn a payment. Receive INR 1,000 for each recipe submitted with video instructions demonstrating how to create it.

Note: You can create upto 30 recipes/year

Refer and Earn

Anytime your Follower/Friend/Family buys an uplianCe you will get paid. Every refferal purchase will get you paid INR 3,000

Note: This is valid till 25 devices sold, we will revise referral amount post that

Get Paid Everytime Your Recipe is Cooked On upliance

We will pay you everytime your recipe is being cooked on upliance

Earn INR 10 everytime your recipe is being cooked

Note: This is valid till 1 year after your first recipe goes live

Still have questions?

When will I get paid?

You will be paid every Wednesday after your deliverables are completed. For example, if a recipe goes live on Monday, you will receive payment on Wednesday.

What happens if I reach the maximum number of reel posts for upliance?

We offer a variety of other deliverables, such as recipe postings. If your recipes meet our standards, we will approve them, allowing you to continue earning through recipe listings.

The product is expensive, what’s in store for me?

We offer a sustainable economy where you can earn weekly and monthly. With upliance, you won’t have to rely solely on Instagram or Facebook to make money.

Will my compensation be revised as my channel grows?

Yes, we will revise your compensation after every 5 videos if there is an increase in engagement

What support will I receive?

As a creator-driven brand, we provide a dedicated team to assist you with any challenges. Additionally, we regularly run exciting campaigns that you can participate in

When will I hear back after signing up for the program?

Our response time is a maximum of 3-4 days. Our team will contact you via the email or phone number you provided