Stop Eating
Boring Food

Meet upliance. Your personalised, all-in-one AI cooking assistant with 500+ recipes.

How it works

1. Select recipe

Choose from over 500 recipes that you cook for anywhere between one to four people

2. Follow step-by-step instructions

upliance shows you each step on the touchscreen so you can cook even if it’s your first time.

3. Let upliance work its magic

upliance uses sixteen different modes from chopping to stirring and heating to automate your cooking.

What our users are saying


Watch upliance in action

Multiple modes, effortless cooking.

500+ recipes, all automated.

Everything you need in one upliance.


The power of AI for smarter cooking

Convenience at every step


No more stress in the kitchen

Bring home the upliance and simplify your cooking for a simpler life.

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Based on 47 reviews
Best buy!!

It’s an amazing life changing gadget . Must have for working women. Thankyou

A Kitchen Revolution with Upliance.AI!

I've been using the Upliance.AI for a few weeks now, and it's absolutely transformed my kitchen experience. This smart device not only automates cooking processes but also introduces new recipes weekly, making it an ever-evolving helper.

Whether you're a busy professional needing quick meals or a cooking enthusiast looking to experiment, Upliance.AI is a versatile and essential kitchen tool. Easy to use and incredibly efficient, it’s worth every penny for the convenience and culinary creativity it offers.

My experience with Upliance

No more boring food... V true indeed..
We have tried out several dishes in the past few weeks. They have all turned out to be interesting and flavourful.
For those of you who are wondering if you should buy one, plz don't think twice. Go for it. No more chopping, standing and stirring - Besides, even your children can read instructions and make their own meals / assist you at it. A great way to bond with them. The array of recipes makes it easy for us to choose from.

Has made cooking very easy. I don't have to think about what to cook.

I am using upliance for more than a year and am very happy & cooking has become very simple.

I am using upliance for more than one year and am very happy with it.

upliance: AI Cooking Assistant
Ravindra Radhakrishnan
Handy Kitchen Gadget

Have used this couple of times till now, dishes turned out well. Not yet found time to run the appliance through its full gamut

Amazing appliance..

couldn't be more satisfied

Best homemade meals

I cant believe how a machine is able to cook all 3 meals that to home made. Being a working mother of two boys ordering in had become a daily routine as Im not a good cook and don’t have time to go through recipes and waste time on all the instructions. On the other hand easy on the pocket when calculating the expenses of eating outside or paying a cook. I cant imagine if I would have made any of these dishes in my life.
Thank you Kajol for convincing me to buy this wonderful product, my husband says its the one and only useful appliance in our home.


I am very happy that I have purchased this upliance cooking assistant. No hassle cooking with great taste and ease, one can cook even wearing business suit. Thanks to Kajol Nautiyal for helping me promptly during my 1st day. You are amazing with follow up.

The best appliance that you can get!

While every single one of us loves a good meal, not all of us are blessed to have the requisite skills to conjure up that meal.

Most of us have discovered that the biggest online scam are those YouTube videos where the host whips out delicious meals, but attempts to replicate it at home are nothing but tales of tragedy.

I got my delishUp somewhere in August 2023, and my life changed completely. Great food - healthier than anything a restaurant could offer became a part of my life. Traditional cuisine and exotic recipes from across the globe are now part of my new healthier life. Multitasking while cooking a meal is stress free.

The food is wonderful, the appliance itself is state-of-art and designed keeping in mind an Indian kitchen. But what adds icing to the cake is the after sales service. You have a doubt/issue, just tap the 'call me' button on the screen, and someone gets in touch with you within minutes to help you out. If you have any recipe that you wished for, they would even try to create it for you.

Friends and family have been impressed with the food served at my home....and that is the best compliment one can give for the machine, and the founders who came up with this innovation.

Excellent product and good receipes

Recommend this product

Changed our experience with food and cooking!

I personally have been using the Upliance Delishup for 6 months. It is an absolutely stunning product.

1 - It automates the following: chopping, mixing and stirring.
2- My time spent in the kitchen goes down. The machine stirs my slow-cooking dal makhani for an hour without any worries of burning, while I go take a nap. :)
3- The chopping and mincing of onions, garlic and other vegetables has been spot on for every dish I made. Finely chopped for Chinese food, minced ginger/garlic for gravies.
4- Opened a world of new recipes from across the world. Recipes available for dishes hard to find in restaurants as well!
5- Region specific recipes - 4 types of pav bhaji, 2 types of sambhar etc.
6- Except on one occasion, every dish I have made rates upwards of 8/10 on taste.
7- Most importantly, helps answer the biggest question of the day "aaj kya banana hai" . Reduces my cognitive load.

Your kitchen assistant

One of the best buys. Suitable for beginners and pros alike. Walks you thru a recipe with exact measurements of ingredients and takes out the guesswork out of cooking. Also the support team is available 24x7. Someone is always there to help you. New recipes are added every week and old ones are tweaked regularly if there is a problem with them. A must have in every Indian kitchen.

Exceptional tech

Really love the process and variety of dishes . Best use of tech .

Masterchef in ur kitchen

One of the best purchases . I have worked over a fortnight and made a new dish everyday . It’s easy peasy, tasty khana, I also started intuitively using manual mode . It’s a must buy . Buying another one for parents but guess ‘stocked out’ so will wait !!! Scale up people .. kudos to “made in India’

A cooking assistant who doesn't has a holiday

Effortless cooking with new recipes

Does what it claims!

I was a little sceptic about the product. But it really does what it claims. One main drawback is that the touchscreen tablet is slow.

A Master Chef for your home!!!

Initially, my wife had some reservations about this product, which I purchased after extensively researching videos and reviews online. She even suggested selling it on OLX. However, her perception changed when I prepared a delightful red sauce pasta for breakfast using it. That's when she truly appreciated its capabilities and fell in love with it. She now believes there's no need to spend our health and money in restaurants when we have a masterchef right in our own kitchen. It's so user-friendly that even a beginner can start using it from day one.

I also want to express my gratitude to the Upliance team for their thoughtful packaging. The outer packaging they provided is not only robust but also reusable, ensuring that the device remains undamaged. Although the Amazon packaging was minimal upon receipt, Upliance's well-designed packaging ensured the safety of the device.

In conclusion, we are absolutely enamored with this machine, and it has become the envy of our neighbors. Thank you, Upliance, for providing us with this exceptional device, and best wishes for your future endeavors.

upliance: AI Cooking Assistant
Mallika ravindranathan
DELISH UP, necessary to every kitchen, occupying less space that is most important.

Quality after using for a while I will share.

Best purchase

This product has been a game-changer for me! It completely eliminated my worries about cooking and made my life so much simpler. The feature that allows me to filter recipes based on the ingredients in my fridge is fantastic, solving the "what to cook today" problem effortlessly. I was so thrilled with its performance that I decided to gift it to my mother, and she's equally delighted. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a convenient and efficient solution in the kitchen!

Life changing appliance

Ever since I moved out of my house, cooking daily was a pain, most of the times I would eat out or order. I found about of this product and booked a trial out of complete disbelief. But right after my first cooking, I immediately purchased it because now it gave me the power to cook whatever I want without any guidance from my mom and youtube. It does most of the kitchen chores and gets me delicious dish every time.

best product ever

bro i can ccok now!! finally i won't have to survive on stupid maggi...

Highly Recommend the product!

This is the best device for someone who doesn't normally cook. I went from not cooking anything to making pastas and delicious curries every single day. This device has definitely been a life-saviour for me!

Cooking made easy

Cooking is made easier with easy steps to follow and it takes the trouble of thinking what ingredient to add and how much to add in it. For a novice like me the fact that I can cook multiple delicious recipes to cook recipes.